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About Us

Buy Sanosafe Online Sanosafe has 10 years’ experience in decontamination, infection control, disinfection and sterilisation. Each of our team members have been fully trained on our cleaning equipment and have also gained certification for “Infection Prevention and Control” and “Coronavirus Prevention”. You can feel safe and confident that we have the knowledge and experience to clean, treat and protect your environments.

We bring to you cleaning methods like no others, not only does our system and methods remove grease, grime and odours it can kill 100’s of bacteria, viruses, superbugs and other pathogens.

Allow us to treat contaminations you are unable to see, prevent further cross-contaminations and protect you, your family, your premises, staff and clients.

With forecast that coronavirus will be with us for several months this year and the possibility of returning in November, one thing is for sure that Sanosafe is here to stay. After this current situation, we are certain that Governments, Local Authorities and the public will demand that every care is taken to reduce the risk of ill-health in public places, whether it be from coronavirus, norovirus or any other flu-like infection in future.

What is Sanosafe?

Our award winning advanced dry vapour cleaning technology systems have been proven to kill 99.99% of all bacteria’s, moulds, fungi & superbugs including termination of recent COVID-19. All completely hands-free in minimum downtime! This is surgical grade hygiene used in our NHS hospitals - brought to your premises - time and cost efficiently. It is 100% safe on all surfaces and environments inside and out. From care homes to transport to nurseries and offices; we offer everything in between and much more!

No moisture, grease or grime is left behind and will noticeably leave any room, appliance or transport completely fresh and clean, effectively removing any staining and odours.

We believe the re-opening of business and continuing; that it is of paramount importance, our environments, facilities, premises and transport are safe for our staff, clients and users alike. By using our quick and effective, advanced and deep cleaning solution services, you can be confident and that you are 100% sterile, disinfected, safe for return and continuing business with our services you can instantly notice a huge before and after in how vibrant and fresh the area is.

Once completed we even provide you with a certificate of sanitisation and disinfection you are welcomed to display for your consumers or environmental health’s satisfaction.

This really is an invaluable service, knowing we can thoroughly decontaminate and disinfect everywhere that the people are brought together in a close environment, in all areas of life and business!

Give our friendly fresh team a call, email or fill out an enquiry form online, for any questions or more information on our services, we are happy to help. If you need it clean, ask our team!

We are more than disinfection, please see our services for more!

Advanced cleaning vapour technology

Guarentees to kill 99.99% of bacteria & viruses

Safe in all environments & surfaces

Domestic, Commercial & Transportation

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