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Sanosafe Advanced Cleaning Solutions can provide a deep clean and disinfection service like no others! Our disinfection methods have been proven to treat and protect against the spread of the current coronavirus and so much more. Allow us to treat contaminations you are unable to see, prevent further cross-contaminations and protect you and your business or premises.

Using Sanosafe disinfections services on a regular basis will give you, your staff and consumers’ confidence in your hygiene practices knowing we have killed 99.99% of all bacteria, viruses, dust mites, superbugs and 100’s of other tested pathogens safely in your premises, facilities or transport.

We can include all environment surfaces, inside and out, all contact and touch points, furniture and flooring, equipment, appliances, vehicles and lots more. All our quotations are tailored to your specific requirements please contact our friendly team.

We believe business owners and service providers have due diligence to the public, staff and users alike that our Health & Safety Hygiene Standards in the workplace is promoted for safe use. By contacting us now, you will have taken the first precautionary measures to help fight against the coronavirus and keeping people closest to you and your business Sanosafe.


We are Sanosafe Advanced Cleaning Solutions, providing you with eco-friendly cleaning solutions and disinfection services leaving surfaces and areas fresh, safe and clean.

Does your facilities or premises meet current Health & Safety Hygiene Standards 100% bacteria & virus free?

We would like to offer you a cleaning service like no-one else can provide in a wide variety of personal and business applications.

We boast that our dry vapour technology systems have been awarded a clean show innovation award for its unique design and leaving surfaces clean and dry, whilst effectively killing 99.99% of bacteria, viruses, mould, fungi and super bugs! Not only does our system sanitise, it efficiently cleans and removes, grease, grime, stains and odours.

Our disinfection methods will ensure that your premises, facilities or transport is safe for staff, consumers and users alike. Our disinfection solution is completely safe and eco-friendly on all surfaces and environments. Our non-bleach formulas ingredients are all bio-degradable and has been independently tested and proven to kill coronavirus and more. We can reach and disinfect the areas that no-one else can get to!

We have great selection of weekly, fort-nightly and monthly contract offers available.

See our services for more!

Advanced cleaning vapour technology

Guarentees to kill 99.99% of bacteria & viruses

Safe in all environments & surfaces

Domestic, Commercial & Transportation

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